Basic II Post-License

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Cost: $199.00 for 45 credit hours 

Basic II Post-License Course

Don't jeopardize your real estate license. Take your Basic II Post License Course over the internet! Become proficient in your REAL ESTATE CAREER. Learn economics, marketing, how to earn a commission, qualify a buyer, real estate finance, brokerage relationships, and more all from the privacy of your home. If you need any help with the class call us today!

Who needs to take the Basic II Post Licensing Course? Provisional sales associates need to take this class within one year of obtaining their license.

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Students must have a provisional sales associate license to enroll in course.

Order of Study:
1. Study chapters
2. Complete self tests
3. Pass final exam with 80%
3. Download Certificate

Approved by OREC for 45 hour Post-License requirement.
Enrollment is valid for six months from date of enrollment.

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